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    From the source said a tough attitude not | to indoor air pollution


    The number of deaths caused by indoor air pollution in our country per year is up to 111 thousand.

    About 304 people every day, the average death of one person every five minutes.

    In recent years, many cases of pollution and life are common because of the decoration pollution.

    No odor is pollution-free? Half a year to live on the Everything will be fine. reentry ventilation?



    The effect of BX8-99603 space paving

    Decoration pollution is a stealth killer?

    The results of the survey of China's indoor environmental monitoring center show that:

    The number of emergency cases caused by indoor air pollution in China is 4 million 300 thousand people every year.

    The number of deaths caused by indoor pollution is 111 thousand per year, with an average of 304 deaths per day.

    The total number of newly added children with congenital disability is up to 800 thousand -120 million each year, of which 42.1% are related to indoor air pollution.



    The effect of BX8-99202 space paving

    Indoor air pollution has become a "stealth killer" that threatens people's health.

    A lot of investigation data at home and abroad have confirmed that:

    Indoor pollution caused by a large number of toxic gases is much more frightening than the sky - gray sky.

    Leukaemia, lung cancer, infant deformity... These startling words are more and more linked to "decoration pollution". Some experts point out that modern people are entering the third pollution period marked by "indoor air pollution".




    According to the "indoor air quality guide" issued by the international cancer research organization of the WHO in 2012,

    Benzene, formaldehyde and radioactive radon are the main pollutants in the indoor air.

    Excessive content can affect the health of the body.

    Among them, the super standard of benzene and formaldehyde is the most extensive.

    Studies have shown that the benzene series is one of the leading causes of leukaemia, and the excess formaldehyde is harmful to the human body.

    Ventilation can be blown out for half a year?

    Decoration pollution is everywhere,

    In order to avoid it as much as possible,

    The general housing decoration will be reserved for half a year or so after the decoration.

    There are all kinds of tricks to prevent and control the pollution of the decoration.

    Now, let's take a look at those daily misunderstandings.



    BX8-99602 space paving effect

    A misunderstanding: the smell is no pollution

    Some people believe that there is no pollution of the indoor no taste.

    In fact, some pollutants is colorless and tasteless, such as radon.

    Although the formaldehyde smell, but generally speaking, if the content exceed the standard 2-3 times, people don't smell the obvious smell, smell or other life easily hides.

    Misunderstanding two: half a year to live on the Everything will be fine. reentry ventilation

    Formaldehyde is raging, most people would choose clothes in the decoration after a period of time to move. But the general household windows are designed on the ground of one meter above the position of the formaldehyde density than air, easy to deposit, even if the ventilation window, formaldehyde is still difficult to clear all. Most of the slow release of harmful substances, as long as 3~15 years, not months ventilation can be solved.  High temperature in summer and winter heating period is the formaldehyde emission peak, higher than usual 20% to 30%.

    Therefore, indoor formaldehyde exceed the standard seriously, just a few months of ventilation is of no use, the key is to ensure that the pollutants do not exceed the standard of indoor air quality.

    Misunderstanding three: plants can be completely absorbed.

    A lot of people in the hope of Chlorophytum, aloe vera and other plants to absorb harmful substances in the room.

    In fact, the plant breathing capacity is limited, usually micrograms level.

    Therefore, don't expect to rely on plants to save the indoor air exceed the standard. Although the plant has certain adsorption effect, but the adsorption is slow and small.

    Myth four: bamboo charcoal, activated carbon can decompose formaldehyde

    Many people use bamboo charcoal, activated carbon adsorption to formaldehyde.

    Activated carbon can absorb formaldehyde, but not decomposition, smoking again may eat after the release of formaldehyde. When the temperature increases, the adsorption capacity, will be released again, the formation of two pollution. Therefore, bamboo charcoal, activated carbon should be changed regularly, especially in high temperature season.

    How to avoid decoration pollution?

    In addition to maintain good habits and take additional measures to clean the air everyday,

    The most important thing is when decorating, the transformation of the preventive work,

    The toxic chemical pollutants in the qualified range, ensure that the indoor air quality.


    The effect of BX8-99173 space paving

    1. Environmental protection pre evaluation before decoration

    Decoration pollution is caused by non environmental materials. If the design is based on the housing area, the best use of materials can be considered, and the environmental index can be estimated, which can effectively prevent decoration pollution caused by unreasonable use of materials.

    2. Select the material for the formal environmental protection

    When choosing furniture, coatings, plates and glue, we should pay attention to their environmental protection, and try to select environmental friendly materials.

    For indoor decoration, if we need to use a large number of boards, we should try to choose E1 grade and E0 grade environmental protection boards produced by regular factories, and woodenware paint can choose environmentally friendly and better waterborne wood coatings. To purchase furniture and decoration materials, it is best to go to large stores, choose well-known brand products, and check whether there are environmental certification marks of the national authorities in the products packaging.

    3. The use of different materials

    In the selection of the decoration design, the single material can not be used too much. It is best to use the materials such as wood, stone, glass and iron.  Different materials contain different pollutants. If a single material is used too much, even if the product is qualified, the total amount of pollutants contained in the material is much easier to exceed the standard.

    4. "Physical examination" for the new house

    Before checking in, it is best to find a qualified authority to test and evaluate indoor air poison. If the evaluation results of the property are questioned, you can find third parties to test the company, and then issue a related test certificate.

    5, the new room air reaches the standard and stays in, often ventilated and ventilated

    The new house has just finished the renovation of the pollutants content will be higher, ventilation after a period of time, must pass through the professional body of air testing, the standard can be checked in.

    For simple decoration or renovation, we must pay more attention to the opening of the window to make the air convective. The clothes stored in the newly decorated furniture should be often taken out and dried to prevent the volatilization of the toxic substances from the furniture on the clothes and causing damage to the body.




    Indoor air pollution is not terrible

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    Negative oxygen ion ceramic tile "Satin tourmaline"

    Two pieces of 800 tiles = negative oxygen ions released by a 1.5 meter high landscape tree

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    Give your home a safe and comfortable comfort zone


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